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Planning and Process

When it comes to your financial affairs, our focus is on helping protect what matters.

Financial security planning is about more than saving money for retirement – it’s about helping to protect what is really important to you and your family: your personal wealth, your health, your children’s education, your lifestyle, and the efficient transfer and preservation of wealth for future generations.

Today, more than ever, planning is critical to help you grow and protect your assets and achieve your goals. We offer comprehensive financial planning in the areas of:

  • Risk management
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment planning
  • Estate planning

We believe trust is the key to success. We also know that trust has to be earned.

Always putting your priorities first, we are committed to earning your trust and guiding you through a lifetime of financial evolution.

Our team of experienced advisors and consultants has been serving clients in Surrey and Vancouver since 1994. Each office adheres to the philosophy of Chartwell Financial Group founder and President, Greg Cameron, to provide every client with quality advice backed by excellent service.

We take the time to help you make sense of the complex financial world so you can understand how it affects you, find clarity, and sleep more soundly. Imagine the freedom and peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you’re headed in the right direction.

When it comes to your financial future, our focus is on turning your needs, wants and dreams into achievable goals. To do this, we employ our client-centred process for understanding where you want to be and developing a plan to help you get there.

1 - Discover

We engage you in open, effective discussions to become aware of what is important to you and what you need to accomplish. We look at life events that you may not have considered, and talk about how they may impact the financial security of your family and/or business. We share useful ideas and actionable tips, and in the course of our first meeting, you’ll know if Chartwell is the right choice to help secure your financial future.

2 - Evaluate

Your financial picture is made up of many different components. The key is ensuring that you have all the right pieces and that they are properly aligned. We take a high-level view and evaluate all of your relevant documents: group benefits, group pension, insurance and investment holdings, your Will, any powers of attorney and even business documents. We will compare your risk tolerances to your current portfolio. In the process, we’ll identify any gaps, redundancies or discrepancies.

3 - Document

We’ll make sense of your different documents, assemble and categorize them into logical segments such as risk management, investment portfolios, estate planning and retirement planning. You’ll know precisely where you stand and what your current financial picture really looks like. Then, with everyone on the same page, we’ll help you to fully co-ordinate and integrate all aspects of your financial affairs.

4 - Recommend

We’ll give you direction – a tailor-made, on-the-money plan that incorporates all your financial holdings plus our expert advice and recommendations, leaving room for your ideas and changing circumstances. It’s a clear path for moving forward to make your financial goals realistically achievable.

5 - Execute

We provide you with a personalized client/investor policy statement outlining your goals and the parameters for your holdings, and our service commitment to you. What’s more, we do the work for you. On your behalf, we will select and buy all insurance and investment products recommended within your customized plan.

6 - Review

Life happens. Fortunately, your plan is designed to be flexible to adapt to any changing circumstances. We take proactive stance and regularly review your plan with you to make sure it always reflects your current situation and is on target to meet your goals.

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